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We in the health community focus on your “diet”. You are what you eat!

“This is what you eat?” (Insert an image of any type of processed food. This is not healthy for you.)

“This is what you should eat.” (Check out my Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle!)

And we should. The majority of chronic healthcare issues in the Western world are related to our diet. But what about everything else that is on, around, or near our bodies?

My daughter’s school is working on reaching a level of ecological sustainability that is so admirable! I hope we can have a place to call a permanent home and install some of “green” things in our life: maximizing the weather to heat/cool the home, installing a compost bin, rainwater collection, an organic garden (we do this already) and so much more!

But, there are health (and financial) benefits to going “green”. I like to categorize the our “green” transitions into departments, so that firstly, it is a less daunting task. And secondly, this way we can do some research on the topic and figure out what really works for our family and how we can actually implement it and be successful.

Here are the topics that I will cover:

Indoor air

* I didn’t know what to call this. For us now, it is just living. It’s our way of life. And we slowly change everyday when we find out something new that we can change about the way we live. We have have been living the way we have since our daughter was first born. We became more contentious of our purchases and we became even more concerned with exposure to unnecessary chemicals or added stress to the environment. So for you, if you would like to substitute “Mindfulness” for  “Natural” or “Healthy” or “Green” or “Zero Waste” or “Conscientious”, please do! For us, it’s just a way of living!

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