My Favorite Anonymous Uplifting Rhyme–This is for you, you have to shine!

A spark—That’s what your soul ignites A heart—That’s what you have the biggest of You have to remember that, Even when things are had. I can’t say your name but you know who you be, I can’t say your name but you’re a sweetheart to me. Dark—Your past was a bit of that shade Smart—That’s […]

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I missed that winter wood, So I walked. What I found in solitude– Those trickles, tinkles, pebbles, piñons. Pining for a sentiment of despair. The winter wood has a hold. Lull.  Interlude. Pause. The light at the end of the dark. I have felt this despair– A seasonal death.                        A fluctuating intermission. I stepped […]

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Grow, grow from seed. Two—one part from me –one part from you.   Grow, uterus, grow. In a water balloon of life, Hide her in there, Let her play and sleep, Even just a little while longer.   Grow, uterus, grown. Anchor those steaks of round ligaments, Swell out a tent of muscle, Push my […]

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Time Measured in Toothpaste Tubes

(For the lucky, Expire when you realize you’re getting just a little older. For the ones that live and live and live, Do you end up just living to die?)   Time measured in toothpaste tubes. Enough time to roll the bottom end up. Make that toothpaste keep it’s promise. Hold the roll with a […]

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I See You

His human respiration ceased. Agonal breaths remained. A waterless fish lying on the tile floor. A blooming tulip pulled out of its pot home. His hair human-like –silver strands –gold strands –long strands combed and parted to the side. Vermillion border of his lips dissipating. Tubes and wires and beeps and hisses and clugs and […]

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Things Lost Forever

Things lost forever: A tile magnet from Spain. A pair of black tweezers. A pair of red sunglasses. (I found those in 2015, tucked in a drawer, resting in it’s case.)   Where are you objects of unnecessity? Why do I obsess about you all?   Things I can never lose: The patch of long […]

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My Vagus, My Love

You are my Vagus Nerve. My wanderer, my love. You have my lungs, my gut, my heart. You make my voice crack and creek, My ears tickle so deep, My heart pace my beat. Go dive my jugular foramen, Make me sweat in my sleep. Run along side my blood sheathed carotid, Nesting so close, […]

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