Prose and Poetry by Pratistha

My husband and I met when we were 16 years old. We are both artists, first and clinicians, second. We would study late nights, abuse our bodies when finals would come, and vent out our frustrations by using our creative brain. Prose and Poetry by Pratistha is an expression of my own art form, mostly poetry and short stories. Prose and Poetry by Pratistha is material proof that one never really has to grow up! 

In my younger days, I would write about existential crises–who am I and why am I here? During medical school and medical training, it was very hard to write–to express, to be mentally free. I would scribble little notes to myself about ideas that were valuable enough for a piece of paper. I always told myself that I’d do it later. Later. Now, I finally have the time to share those delicate memories that patients have shared with me. I write about them for 1) myself, as a catharsis and 2) for them, as an appreciation for their suffering.

Prose and Poetry by Pratistha is an indexed list of all the written works that I have presented on my blog. It gives a good my prose and poetry a good home. I hope you enjoy them.


Practice medicine like human (not a robot)

Dear old Doctors, Dear new Doctors

Not prescribing to the nine to five

I’ve got chapped lips

Why doesn’t everyone want to be a revolutionary?

Goat Feat, Goat Meat

Where does chalk come from?

Mediocrity in All the Grandest Night Skies

San Dunes

The Macho Pinks

My Vagus, My Love

Fly, fly, fly

Like a Tourist

Things Lost Forever

I See You

Time Measured in Toothpaste Tubes



Our lives

My Favorite Anonymous Uplifting Rhyme–This is for you, you have to shine!


On Rotation: A Hundred-Dollar Bill and Old Tissues

How to live until you are one hundred years old

On Rotation: Fruit

On Rotation: Neck

The Anus

On Rotation: Mother and Daughter

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