Practice medicine like a human (not a robot)

Practice medicine like a human,

Not like a robot.


Touch people like a human,

Robot touch is cold.


Use your eyes to look at the patient,

Robot eyes look creepy.


Laugh with your patient,

Robot laughter is scary.


Say “I don’t know” when you don’t know.

Robots explode when they don’t know.


Love yourself like a human,

Robot love is painful.


Dance like a human,

Robot dance is…oh wait that’s actually pretty cool.


Respect people’s privacy,

Robots don’t have private parts.


Hug your patient,

Robot hugs are crushing.


Listen—truly listen—to your patient,

Robots will not truly listen.


Don’t make war with your patients, make love (…oh wait not like that…),

Robots only make war.


Teach the next generation,

Robots suck at teaching.


Give a shit.

Robots don’t give a shit.

And I know you do.


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