I missed that winter wood, So I walked. What I found in solitude– Those trickles, tinkles, pebbles, piñons. Pining for a sentiment of despair. The winter wood has a hold. Lull.  Interlude. Pause. The light at the end of the dark. I have felt this despair– A seasonal death.                        A fluctuating intermission. I stepped […]

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Immaturity and ADHD

There have been previous studies that have suggested that immaturity may contribute to some behaviors that were attributed to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). There was a recent study that supports that claim. Specifically, there was an insurance database study of >407,000 children that highlight the need for a practitioner considering the patients maturity level […]

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The Anus

The anus is the guardian of modesty. The anus is our sense of control in this living world. We voluntarily controls the levator ani muscle that make up the anus itself. We decide when to pass solids and gas. We decide to empty our bowels. We decide to not embarrass ourselves in public predicaments. We […]

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On Rotation: Neck

On rotations—at the medical examiner. That pretty little neck. It was all covered up. The yellow scarf was silk, but if it was polyester, it should have been silk. The scarf stretched out to her legs. That long slender white neck. The scarf tied so nicely around her neck. She had blonde, sandy—the color of […]

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Where does chalk come from?

If there was a chalk storm,   How many would survive? If a chalk shortage arrived, What would teachers teach on? If chalk was collected from an eraser, How many pieces of chalk could be made?   If I had a long new piece of chalk, I would break it in two, Share it with […]

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On Rotation: Fruit

On rotations—at the medical examiner. To die an unknown death and to be forgotten in a room for weeks must be hard to take in. But it was the sweetest death. He smelled like fruit. Of course, that fruit would have been rotting for a week or so. Others smell so terrible. Turpentine and old […]

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Practice medicine like a human (not a robot)

Practice medicine like a human, Not like a robot.   Touch people like a human, Robot touch is cold.   Use your eyes to look at the patient, Robot eyes look creepy.   Laugh with your patient, Robot laughter is scary.   Say “I don’t know” when you don’t know. Robots explode when they don’t […]

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