San Dunes

Hot. Desert-like. Humid. Coast. Roaches.

The sea, not really. The Gulf is dirty.

The wind. The sand.

Beaches. No coconuts.

Hair tangled. Can’t comb. Ever get that fixed?

Palm trees. Should they be here? Who brought them first?

Knots in hair. Should have brought a comb. Why did I not condition my hair?

Want to shower. No, enjoy. Must enjoy the moment.

The sand dunes. The shadow of the truck and our heads on the sandy dunes.

The pleasure of going inside a memory. In memory. Then, in reality.

Feet wet with wet sand. Feet wet with dry sand.

Dead. Debris. Jellyfish like inflated condoms.

Seagulls. The cockroaches of the sea.

Can’t remember if I was hot or cold.

Sunny shadows on the soft sand dunes.

Welcome to that memory.

We’re still best of friends.

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