Things Lost Forever

Things lost forever:

A tile magnet from Spain.

A pair of black tweezers.

A pair of red sunglasses. (I found those in 2015, tucked in a drawer, resting in it’s case.)


Where are you objects of unnecessity?

Why do I obsess about you all?


Things I can never lose:

The patch of long hair on the underside of my thighs that I never want to shave because it gives me razor burn which I scratch it throughout the night when the A/C runs when it becomes cold.

Those two hidden moles on the left side of your chin when you have that red beard which appears again when you shave and they connect the dot into about a forty-five degree angle and it gives me sheer joy.

Our pad Thai recipe that we have mastered even though we have never gone to Bangkok and tried the authentic street food that everyone raves about which we will be sorely disappointed by because we will always remember our own in comparison.


Two things that will never be lost or known:

Into the darkness we go. Not necessarily bad.

Change: me into what I have to become.

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