The Macho Pinks

Maybe so if the skies were red and white and green. People will wonder where it all was. That it was really a dream. And we all woke up at the same time. And the sky woke up too. The colors elated. Turn into lollypops and dragonflies. And the macho pinks would have a battle […]

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San Dunes

Hot. Desert-like. Humid. Coast. Roaches. The sea, not really. The Gulf is dirty. The wind. The sand. Beaches. No coconuts. Hair tangled. Can’t comb. Ever get that fixed? Palm trees. Should they be here? Who brought them first? Knots in hair. Should have brought a comb. Why did I not condition my hair? Want to […]

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Mediocrity in All the Grandest Night Skies

Can you let me paint myself to sleep? Paint the sky. That is me. The blinks. Those are my moles. The mountain. Two. That, my feet.   Is that who I want to be remembered as? A robust set of constellations in the night spread across two mountains? Perhaps that is all I will show […]

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Where does chalk come from?

If there was a chalk storm,   How many would survive? If a chalk shortage arrived, What would teachers teach on? If chalk was collected from an eraser, How many pieces of chalk could be made?   If I had a long new piece of chalk, I would break it in two, Share it with […]

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Goat Feat, Goat Meat

Goat feat into goat meat. The dust sweeps while fat eats. Ruminant’s bowels, an easy forty. Towels in the bathroom. There is no water. There is no electricity. Sit for an hour and watch generosity. Sleep or steep tea in the dark. When cats bark there is no me. Go home and hate it. Go […]

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Why doesn’t everyone want to be a revolutionary?

I am a bouquet of firecrackers. I am a light ray one single photon. I am a comet catastrophe. I am a masterpiece. Come and catch what I’ve got.   Apathy? Self-pity?   I am a city with a 100 million lights per square mile, Shining on the sun’s dial. I am the slick on […]

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I’ve got chapped lips

“I got chapped lips.“ Is this real? The ER. Not seen on T.V.   “I got chapped lips. I can’t even sip my latte.“ Vitals normal. Oral peel. Nothing else.   “I got chapped lips. It burned when eating fish and chips, yesterday.” 30 minute waiting room. 35 minute for see the doc. 20 minutes […]

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Not prescribing to the nine to five

Gypsy in the southeastern corner of Oklahoma. Black hair, curls, ringlets, wet and crisp. “They steal and scam. Driveway pavement service. They take your money and run.” Gypsy family. Living in trailers. Closed doors. No wonder. Don’t eat at restaurants. Home cooked meals. Gypsy lady with black ringlet curls. Wheels her father in. His hair […]

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Dear old Doctors, Dear new Doctors

Dear old Doctor that give truckers their speed, Dear new Doctor that give mothers their weed. We need an ear. We need our doctors to listen –Not hear.   Dear old Doctors that stood high in their pulpit, Spouting, pushing words like as if it were the Gita, in Sanskrit. Your days of verbal scripts […]

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Practice medicine like a human (not a robot)

Practice medicine like a human, Not like a robot.   Touch people like a human, Robot touch is cold.   Use your eyes to look at the patient, Robot eyes look creepy.   Laugh with your patient, Robot laughter is scary.   Say “I don’t know” when you don’t know. Robots explode when they don’t […]

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