The Green Period.

Last fall, we stumbled upon the The Kirkwood Historical Society at Mudd’s Grove, a 150 year-old house located in the heart of Kirkwood. They have an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization that preserves and promotes Kirkwood’s long and storied history. It is one of the many historical homes in and around St. Louis. We were just in […]

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Mediocrity in All the Grandest Night Skies

Can you let me paint myself to sleep? Paint the sky. That is me. The blinks. Those are my moles. The mountain. Two. That, my feet.   Is that who I want to be remembered as? A robust set of constellations in the night spread across two mountains? Perhaps that is all I will show […]

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Mindfulness Living

We in the health community focus on your “diet”. You are what you eat! “This is what you eat?” (Insert an image of any type of processed food. This is not healthy for you.) “This is what you should eat.” (Check out my Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle!) And we should. The majority of chronic healthcare issues in […]

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