Get ready for the holidays: weight control (and even weight loss!)

Weight control and weight loss is an obtainable goal!

A person being overweight is a condition as old as civilized man. The health practitioners in ancient Greece were the first in Western medicine to site the problem. The source of the Hippocratic oath, Hippocrates, first recognized obesity as a medical condition. There are older examples of overweight people in artwork and writings in other ancient civilizations. Food is not guaranteed in the wild; therefore humans evolved to store excess food (in the form of fat) when the food is available. Fast forward to today, there is food available 24 hours at many stores. Our brains and bodies still “live” in the wild and therefore many of us store excess food. To over-eat is to be human.

Unfortunately being over-weight for an extended period of time can lead to a number of health problems and can even lead to death.

What is a hungry human to do?

In general, I recommend a custom approach that should involve looking at a person’s diet and activity level. It is also important to look at a person’s behavior with and around food. In my experience taking a holistic approach with the patient is the best strategy. In simplest terms, most people need to move more and eat less to loose weight, but how that specifically accomplished will vary from patient to patient. And of course, there are also pharmaceutical and surgical interventions that should be explored.

But what about the holidays and how do we deal with all that weight gain? There has been research about one of my favorite roots: ginger may help with weight loss! It may also give you that feeling of fullness, satiety, so you eat less! A perfect armament for Thanksgiving and Christmas eating.

Check out the links below about, if you want to read them yourself or I’m here to help:

Ginger (fresh or power) is dirt-cheap! I think it’s worth a try!

Let me know if you try it and if it helps you this holiday season!

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