Ayurveda for Health

Ayurveda in Sanskrit comes from ayur, or life and veda, or knowledge. It is a 5,000 year tradition of living. The rishis, or sages, knew that our mind, body, and ātman, our internal essence, we all connected. In medical school, we called this the biopsychosocial aspected of a patient. There is real science to the knowledge of life, that has worked. And now we are finding with evidence-based medicine that it still works! My journey with ayurveda has been lifelong, I just never realized it. My grandmother would tell me what to take when I was sick with a cold, just as her mother would tell my mother. That oral history is what I want to restore.

While ayurveda is complex, I have chosen a few items from Banyan Botanicals to carry in my office, to introduced to my patients. These are items that I take myself. Also these products can be used if you are following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle or a plant-based lifestyle. I am so excited to share it with all of you!

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