Put A (Vaginal) Ring On It! Reusable Contraceptive Vaginal Rings

There is a new development with vaginal ring contraceptives that may be a good option for some patients. The contraceptive vaginal ring that is already on the market provides the convenience of three-week dosing. The ring needs to be replaced monthly.

There is now a new reusable contraceptive ring that contains segesterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol (SA/EE). The new product is also worn for three weeks and removed for one week; however, the same ring is then reinserted so it can be used repeatedly for 13 cycles. The reusable system may potentially be more convenient for certain patients and thus may improve contraceptive compliance. In general, vaginal rings help patients who have problems with daily user compliance. The new formulation also doesn’t require refrigeration for storage. The anticipated release date is in 2019.

Here are the product specifics for all you pharmacy nerds (like my husband) out there:

The ring contains two internal channels: one channel with both SA and EE, and the other channel with SA only. The device releases approximately 150 mcg/day of SA and 13 mcg/day of EE over the 21-day use period. The inactive ingredients include silicone elastomers, titanium dioxide, dibutyltin dilaurate, and silicone medical adhesive. The device is latex-free. Other product advantages include that it does not require refrigeration for storage and that it is not orally active, which may appeal to lactating women.


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