Plant-Based People

A number of my patients have chosen to live a whole-food plant-based lifestyle. This consists of consuming natural unrefined or minimally refined ingredients and foods that come from plants and do not come from animal ingredients such as meat, milk, eggs or honey. Hence, whole food plant-based.

I am fully supportive of their lifestyle choices. In fact, the Ant-Inflammatory Lifestyle can easily converted to the whole-food plant based lifestyle. Plant-based foods have a number of health benefits; it mitigates chronic disease such as diabetes mellitus and even certain types of cancers that plagues our modern society. It is especially a great place to start for those that want a way to eliminate processed foods and give their body a fresh start.

However, there is a potential for deficiencies and illness if the lifestyle isn’t followed properly. I closely interview, council, and monitor my patients to make sure they are aware of any issues they may be experiencing and educated about their health. There are a lot of recourses out there to help you connect with people in the community. is a great place to start.

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