Ayurveda for Health

Ayurveda in Sanskrit comes from ayur, or life and veda, or knowledge. It is a 5,000 year tradition of living. The rishis, or sages, knew that our mind, body, and ātman, our internal essence, we all connected. In medical school, we called this the biopsychosocial aspected of a patient. There is real science to the knowledge of […]

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Plant-Based People

A number of my patients have chosen to live a whole-food plant-based lifestyle. This consists of consuming natural unrefined or minimally refined ingredients and foods that come from plants and do not come from animal ingredients such as meat, milk, eggs or honey. Hence, whole food plant-based. I am fully supportive of their lifestyle choices. […]

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Plant Based Soba Stir-fry Noodle Recipe

I was asked by a friend what recipe my husband used to make the dinner pictured above so I decided to share this with you all.  We love to cook our own meals at home and love to help people cook!  This recipe is also vegetarian and perfect for you plant based people out there! […]

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