‘Tis the Season!

$50 Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Cards for the month of December 2019 only!

Hi there!

I know the holiday times are hard for finances, family, and health. That is why I want to offer my patients first notice of the special that I am running for cannabis. This is for certification only (not diagnosis). Here are the following criteria to qualify for this special:

1. You must fill out all paperwork for my visit BEFORE you come. You will need to print out the forms and have them filled out. You can find all forms here:
Make sure if you have Medicare, that you fill out the opt-out form as well.
2. You must bring existing paperwork for your qualifying diagnosis from your current doctor(s). Examples: chart notes with diagnosis, health summary, prescriptions from pharmacy or doctor, prescription bottles, and/or any imaging reports (no discs) as well.
3. This is for certification of disease only, no diagnosis! I am a primary care physician. I can make diagnoses for general health conditions that I feel are within the scope of my practice. Please make an hour visit with me if this is the case for you, however this will not qualify for the holiday special.
4. There are no additional discounts for this holiday special.
5. You will have to make your own follow up visit (hopefully with me) in 11 months from the day we meet for an annual re-certification. My usual fee of $100 for 15 mins (with a 20% cash discount) will apply for re-certifications.  
6. All appointments for this holiday special made outside of the Dec 2019 will be cancelled, so make sure you select the correct visit type and correct month.

Click here to make your December 2019 appointment now!


Dr. Strong

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