Coronavirus Pandemic and Online Medical Care

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shut down the world–our lives, our schedules, our norms. One tiny virus has jarred our whole existence. In St. Louis, we are having to deal with too many things all at once. We are on a 30 day “stay at home” order. I agree with this order. With all the stress, of having to potentially work from home, having children around and feeling isolated, I want to offer patients any where a chance to talk. To deal. To heal. Online.

If you want a primary care to prescribe your regular medications because you can’t or don’t want to go to your regular doctor, I can help you get your medications. I can try my best purchase the most common medications outright and get them to you as well, shipping and a convenience feel will be added to this cost. I don’t want people to increase exposure. If I can’t get it, I have access to a few local pharmacies that can mail it to you directly.

If you want your medical marijuana card in Missouri, I can offer these visits online from anywhere in the state. Dispensaries were projected to open in the Spring/Summer of 2020. At this point, I don’t know if dispensaries are on the “essential” businesses list. (If you know this answer please let me know.) (Updated: at this point, I am aware that dispensaries are open in Illinois.)

If you need someone to just talk to–this stuff is pretty scary–I am here. I can field questions to see if you need testing for COVID-19 or the coronavirus infection. At of March 23, 2020, all testing in Missouri is done by having to call the Department of Health and Senior Services. Please call the 24-hour hotline if you feel that you have had contact with an exposed individual and you have a fever of 100.4 or greater and shortness of breath. The phone number is to MO DHSS is: 877-435-8411

This CDC handout is a great calming force to follow if you have signs/symptoms. I would warn people that from my readings, as of March 22, 2020, to NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN or NAPROXEN or any other NSAID if you have symptoms, as the course of COVID-19 has been worse for some patents. I would opt for taking ACETAMINOPHEN instead.

Phone visits are offered for even my regular patients, scheduled by appointment only as usual. Please to to Schedule A Visit and follow the prompts online. I have some new Forms for online users, some not all. For coronavirus questions and possible testing please select the 15 min visit. For new patient prescriptions, please select 30 min visit.

Lab draws are a challenge for my regular patients to get at this point. I have a very small office, if you are one of my regular patients, I can offer this to you, granted that you do not have exposure and signs/symptoms. I am stocking up on supplies to do general health labs.

And finally, the topic of masks. At this point I have had to sew my own. I have tried to purchase masks and my wholesaler was sold out! So we will see. I am trying to decrease exposure to myself and family as well as other patients, so let me know if you have any extra!

Stay healthy and stay safe,

Dr. Strong

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