Immune Health – COVID / Cold and Flu Support

Go to Fullscript for a list of my recommendations!

Research suggests that a poor nutritional state impairs immune function and increases susceptibility to disease, while getting sick may also worsen nutritional status. Consuming a balanced, whole-foods diet supports overall health and immune function. The following protocol is for adults that are not pregnant or breastfeeding. It is not for children 12 and under. Please consult your doctor for pediatric care.

Getting ill becomes a full time job and if you don’t focus on recovery the illness gets protracted. Please make sure you rest when you are sick. Please make sure you go outside for some light activity and fresh air–a gentle walk is best. Please make sure you sleep when you need to!

Please reach out during illness, as there are prescriptive treatments for COVID/cold and flu that may be appropriate for you.

Again, please go to Fullscript for a list of my recommendations!

To your good health,

Dr. Strong

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