A Reflection on “The Anus”

I put this on piece on my website and social media in December 2018 and, surprisingly, it got very good feedback. I think most people were shocked more than anything! Who knew butt-holes could be so topical? 

But, the concept comes from my days rotating at the Medical Examiners. I had written this in medical school. Those days rotating at the ME was more than eye opening for me–maybe butt-hole opening? Rather than looking at death morbidly, we should be mindful of it, aware of it, and less removed from it. The Western world has stepped away from death and made it so sterile. Humans are not sterile. Our fecal coliforms are waiting to burst out! Seeing so many anuses stained with feces was a something I needed to tell the world about! Thanks for reading. And I hope you will support me in my endeavor as a writer. 



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