Can Tai Chi really help your fibromyalgia?

According to a recent randomized controlled trial practicing the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi may help reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The study compared the symptom relief after a person practiced Tai Chi to the symptom relief after a person practiced aerobic exercise. Specifically, “Tai chi mind-body treatment results in similar or greater improvement in symptoms than aerobic exercise, the current most commonly prescribed non-drug treatment, for a variety of outcomes for patients with fibromyalgia.” The paper goes on to describe how a longer duration (greater then 24 weeks) of Tai Chi resulted in better results.

I always encourage my patients to move more! Maybe Tai Chi would be a good fit for you? Need a place to go?

Know of any other good Tai Chi places for people in the STL area? Leave it in the message area, so others can learn about it!



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