Like A Tourist

Have a cookie, Like a tourist. Sit down, And eat yamari. Tasty treat. Dear to hearts. Lose some weight With E. coli pie. Drink water, And survive.

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Fly, fly, fly

I’d like to have the light on me. I want to be the warmth on you. On anyone I touch. To bring a sparkle in your eye, soul, whole. To transition. I want to hit A beam of light on a crystal drop, and let all the little beams   Fly, fly, fly.   Off, […]

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The Cost of Healthcare

I was walking by the hospital that is a few steps from where my grandparents live and I was intrigued by what they had displayed outside.  There was a big blue sign with all of the prices of the CT scans.  For an example, a “Plain CT of the Neck” cost 7500.00 Nepali Rupees. At […]

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Kathmandu Clinic is going to Kathmandu!

I am very excited to announce that I will be traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal for the month of December!  I am going back to my hometown to visit family and learn more about the Ayurveda Medicine traditions in Nepal. I will try to post things as I go. We will see!  

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