On Rotation: Mother and Daughter

On rotations—at the medical examiner. What makes a mother execute her loving daughter in her slumber? A father’s touch. The mother had left a letter. Something to the extent of, “If I can’t divorce you, then you can’t be a husband to me or a father to your daughter.” and “You will never touch her […]

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The Anus

The anus is the guardian of modesty. The anus is our sense of control in this living world. We voluntarily controls the levator ani muscle that make up the anus itself. We decide when to pass solids and gas. We decide to empty our bowels. We decide to not embarrass ourselves in public predicaments. We […]

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On Rotation: Neck

On rotations—at the medical examiner. That pretty little neck. It was all covered up. The yellow scarf was silk, but if it was polyester, it should have been silk. The scarf stretched out to her legs. That long slender white neck. The scarf tied so nicely around her neck. She had blonde, sandy—the color of […]

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