I am a proud to be a licensed general practice physician in the amazing State of Missouri! I am currently accepting new patients for all things primary care!

Here are just some of medical services I offer:

  • prescription for any primary care issue
  • house calls in the Kirkwood area
  • acute care visits for acute illnesses, injuries (evaluating sprains, minor burns, etc.)
  • chronic care management (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • annual wellness physicals (breast exams and pap smears; male physicals)
  • well child exams
    • At this point I will not provide vaccines.
  • minor skin biopsies
  • minor skin lesion removals (skin tags, warts, etc.)
  • osteopathic manipulative therapy on many conditions (please read OMT)

If I feel comfortable handling it, we’ll do it here. If not, then appropriate referrals will be made and you can use your insurance for this.

Most lab fees, imaging, or consultations will be handled outside of Kathmandu Clinic.  For this you will need insurance or will need to pay out of pocket. I will help you coordinate care and give you an idea of the pricing.

I do not admit patients to the hospital. If you require hospitalization, I will help coordinate your care by communicating with the hospitalist (the doctor caring for you in the hospital).  I will then pick up your care upon discharge home. During the hospitalization, if you need me to come help you explain what is happening for your care, then I can come and be a medical consultant for you. I cannot order tests, since hospital privileges do not allow this. But I can talk with the hospitalist and specialists to decrease the burden of confusion for you and your family member during hospitalization.

Finally, in the services that I offer, I expect your engagement.
We as health care providers should give your power back to you.  We can help you, but our goal is empower you. This means:

  • if you don’t hear about lab/imaging results or a referral within one week, then you need to call and find out what happened.
  • if lifestyle recommendations are discussed as treatment, then those recommendations need to be attempted or at least be honest about what you can and cannot reasonably do for your health.
  • if something is scheduled for you, then please show up, or call to cancel.
  • thinking about your situation, being astute with your medical story and helping us help you.