Look inside the clinic

Kathmandu Clinic is a relationship-driven micro-practice.

“Relationship-driven” is a clinic that focuses on having deep and satisfying relationships with people over time and, if possible, over generations of their family. The converse of this is a “production-driven” clinic, where there is more of a concern with how many patients can be seen in a short amount of time. It is not focused on the relationship with the patient.

What is a micro-practice? It’s a medical practice that is run by me! I handle everything from appointments (I do it old school: you have to call or text me and make an appointment), vitals, charts, phone calls, and also being the doctor!  It is “micro” because it is efficient for me to run. So that I can focus on you, the patient! I have time for holistic health care, quality rather than quantity, food as medicine, minimal prescription medications, patient education, hands-on healing with OMT, and attaining optimal health.

However you want to label me, it really doesn’t matter. I have a  “come-as-you-are” “judgement-free” “be-yourself” clinic! That means I can get to know you every step of the way!

The physical space is approximately 156 square feet. Check out some of the photos from the clinic!


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