I’m honored to have such wonderful patients and be able to serve my community . Thank you all that have provided me with feedback! Below are just a few examples of what patients have said about seeing me. “I have been so impressed by the support and quick response time by Dr. Strong. I went […]

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Cannabis On My Mind

Cannabis is on my mind. Cannabis is on everyone’s mind in Missouri, whether they like it or not, since the passing of Amendment 2 on November 2017. But first, let us digress with a story. A few months ago, I went to Nikki Furrer’s A Women’s Guide to Cannabis book signing and discussion at Left […]

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Dietary Advancement for Those with Cow’s Milk Allergy

You may have seen the “baked milk challenge” being recommended for people who have a cow milk allergy. So it turns out that many patients with cow’s milk allergy can tolerate extensively heated or baked forms of milk that can progress to tolerance of less extensively heated forms of milk over time. There was recently […]

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Ayurveda for Health

Ayurveda in Sanskrit comes from ayur, or life and veda, or knowledge. It is a 5,000 year tradition of living. The rishis, or sages, knew that our mind, body, and ātman, our internal essence, we all connected. In medical school, we called this the biopsychosocial aspected of a patient. There is real science to the knowledge of […]

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Put A (Vaginal) Ring On It! Reusable Contraceptive Vaginal Rings

There is a new development with vaginal ring contraceptives that may be a good option for some patients. The contraceptive vaginal ring that is already on the market provides the convenience of three-week dosing. The ring needs to be replaced monthly. There is now a new reusable contraceptive ring that contains segesterone acetate and ethinyl […]

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Plant-Based People

A number of my patients have chosen to live a whole-food plant-based lifestyle. This consists of consuming natural unrefined or minimally refined ingredients and foods that come from plants and do not come from animal ingredients such as meat, milk, eggs or honey. Hence, whole food plant-based. I am fully supportive of their lifestyle choices. […]

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I missed that winter wood, So I walked. What I found in solitude– Those trickles, tinkles, pebbles, piñons. Pining for a sentiment of despair. The winter wood has a hold. Lull.  Interlude. Pause. The light at the end of the dark. I have felt this despair– A seasonal death.                        A fluctuating intermission. I stepped […]

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Is your Over-the-Counter Dietary Supplements Guilty of Adultery?

Although it is not new information that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate over-the-counter (OTC) dietary supplements there is recent evidence that consumers should be cautious when purchasing these products. So it turns out that there are many over-the-counter dietary supplements have been found to contain active pharmaceuticals not identified on the label. […]

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Sunshine, Daydreams, and Your ABC’s

The St. Louis cold weather is making me dream of warmer days and the summer! I came across even more evidence to wear sunscreen on sunny days that I wanted to share. Unfortunately, skin cancer in the most common cancer in the United States and it’s important that people are doing what they can to […]

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Immaturity and ADHD

There have been previous studies that have suggested that immaturity may contribute to some behaviors that were attributed to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). There was a recent study that supports that claim. Specifically, there was an insurance database study of >407,000 children that highlight the need for a practitioner considering the patients maturity level […]

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