Vegetarian Soba Stir-fry Noodle Recipe

I was asked by a friend what recipe my husband used to make the dinner pictured above so I decided to share this with you all.  We love to cook our own meals at home and love to help people cook!

We got the noodles at a local grocery store.  They are made by Roland and are the Organic Buckheat Soba Noodles.  Feel free to use whatever noodle you like!

The noddles are easy, just boil water and cook as per the package instructions then drain.  The noodle package said to boil for 3 minutes.  He then added a drizzle of sesame oil  and soy sauce to taste on the noodles.  Our daughter also likes to sometimes add butter to her noodles 🙂

For the tofu vegetable dish….He makes all his stir-frys the same way and just uses whatever vegetables we have in the refrigerator or the garden.  Feel free to use whatever vegetables you like!  Like the name says you are going to “stir” and “fry” the entire time.  It’s fast paced and can be a workout if you have a heavy wok!

Note: He made this entire dish in our large wok on high heat.  Please be careful if you are not familiar with cooking this way.  Also, the amount of tofu and vegetables you use will depend on how many people you are cooking for and how hungry they are!

First cut up the firm tofu into bite size pieces (any shape will do).  Heat up some canola (or any high heat cooking oil you prefer) in the wok.  Once the oil is hot put in the cut up tofu (be careful not to burn your self!).  You will fry the tofu until it is light golden brown.  Gently mix everything in the wok around to make sure things are cooked evenly.  When the tofu is almost fully done frying add raw whole cashews and raw whole cloves of garlic.  Again mix everything around to ensure an even cook.  Fry the cashews and garlic cloves until a light golden brown, being careful not to burn them.  Then he added sliced up carrots (we had some old ones in the fridge LOL) mix everything in the wok together and let them cook for about a minute. Then he added thinly sliced up kale from our garden.  Again mix everything up.  The kale cooks very quickly so make sure you keep mixing and keep a close eye on everything to make sure you don’t burn anything.  Next add a splash (or more if your like a sour taste) rice wine vinegar to the wok, mix everything again.  Then drizzle honey over all of tofu and vegetables.  You guessed it, mix everything again.  Finally you add a splash (or more if you want more of the flavor) of fish sauce, mix everything up, and then place in a serving bowl.  You don’t want to leave it in the wok over heat too long after adding the fish sauce because it will make the stir-fry too wet.  He then added a handful for fresh Thai basil leafs to the top of the mix.


Here is the list of everything he used:

Buckwheat Soba noodles (Organic)

Canola oil (Organic)

Fish sauce (We like the Squid Brand we can get at our local grocery store)

Sesame oil (Organic)

Extra firm tofu (Organic)

Yellow Carrots (Organic)

Raw cashews (Organic)

Curly leaf kale (Organic, from our garden!)

Collard greens (Organic, from our garden!)


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