Home visits

IMG_1998So if you have paid attention to the pictures or been in my office, you know that that there is a pretty blue OMM table (people use OMT and OMM interchangeably and sometimes it gets confusing: osteopathic manipulative therapy versus medicine…I am over explaining this because the OMM table is the company that I bought this table from)…anyhow…it’s foldable, easy to carry and I can take manipulations on the go! The Tom Bihn bag was super handy as well!

I had my first home visit last week and it was very rewarding! My poor patient could not walk, let alone sit comfortably! How could it be possible for them to drive and see me?

It was a success! For me and the patient! It was a little heavy for my first time to carry everything, but as you can see in the picture below, it’s not impossible. The only thing I forgot was change! I’ll remember that next time!

Home visits will be an additional $50 flat rate. I can drive and visit patients on around 5 – 10 mile radius of my practice. You would have to have an initial appointment with me in the office for the first initial consultation, but there are work-arounds too!

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